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The Pinup Registry has had a makeover!

Come and see our new and improved Pinup name registry!

We made upgraded the registry to make it easier for you to connect with and support each other!

Updates include:


The location of each registered pinup is now listed by Country, and if applicable State too. That means you can easily sort and find other pinups by where they are in the world.


Before, you could only nominate one link - but because all you pinups are a social bunch, we've expanded this to include your Facebook, Instagram social media accounts and another link of your choice* such as your personal website, blog or YouTube channel.

As these updates to the name registry was a manual process, please understand there may be some human error in the updates! Please take a moment to double check that your information is correct, and Contact Us if you have any change or addition requests.

💋 The Pinup Registry Team


* Please note: The 'Other' link of your choice MUST include and be directly related to your pinup name. If you would like to promote your business that is under another name, get in touch to discuss how we can cross promote each other.

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