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Sugar St Claire - a woman sits front on to the camera in a red sequin gown, wearing a gold and red crown and white vintage-styled wig. Image and styling by Rachel Mia Photography

Sugar St Claire

Melbourne, Australia

Pinup, Milliner, Costume Designer, Writer, Performer, and Disability activist from Melbourne, Australia.

Sugar grew up falling in love with an era when good etiquette wasn’t just something your grandmother did, a song touched your heart and a good movie stayed with you for a lifetime - a wonderful place to visit, but as a Plus Sized, Queer, Disabled, Tattooed, woman, she wouldn't want to live there.  

Sugar found the pinup and rockabilly community on a whim and decided never to leave! She has met so many wonderful people through it and is grateful for it every day.


Adele La Belle

Melbourne, Australia

Adele La Belle is a pint sized circus and pinup performer from Melbourne, Australia. From 1960’s beatnik, cheesecake pinup or scary psychobilly clown Adele La Belle has been it all on stages throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Pinup Parent and Psychobilly Queen, Adele La Belle is a Halloween-loving pocket rocket you won't forget in a hurry.


Frantasy Island

Auckland, New Zealand

HMUA, Disability activist and Global Pinup Pageant Queen, Fantasy Island is a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Fran is a crafty lass, with a penchant for vintage clothing, b-grade horror films, and making people feel amazing in whatever they’re wearing! Her bright and colourful style, can-do attitude and sunny personality have made her a much-loved and respected feature of the New Zealand Pinup community.

Holly Von Merlot

Holly Von Merlot

Calgary, Canada

Holly Von Merlot, aka thatpinupwitch has been in the pin up community for over 10 years, honing her skills to perfection! She is a master at vintage hair and loves to transform her clients into the perfect pin up. If your hair doesn't hold curl then you just haven't had her do it yet! Fashion is her other creative outlet and she loves blending pin up with witchy, spooky styles. To be a pin up you do not need to fit into the standard pin up box. She's always got something on the go or running around with her kid and dog, trying to keep up! 

Brett Allen photography 1.jpg

Louie Bugooie

Melbourne, Australia

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