Sugar St Claire, Dottie May, Miss Whisky Twist, October Diamond, Miss Scarlet Soda and Frantasy Island, here's a little more about us:

Sugar St Claire


I am a Pinup, Milliner, Writer, Performer, Blogger and Disability activist.

I grew up falling in love with an era when good etiquette wasn’t just something your grandmother did, a song touched your heart and a good movie stayed with you for a lifetime.  I found the pinup and rockabilly community on a whim and decided never to leave!  It feels like home and family - I have met so many wonderful people through it and I am grateful for it every day.

Described as an eclectic mix of Disney Princess, Eartha Kitt and Lady GaGa, with a decent dollop of Julie Andrews for good measure – I had a hard time choosing my name. I wanted Miss Cherry Pie, because my business name is Cherry Pie Millinery/Cherry Pie Designs, it was easy, it reflected my personality and it made sense. But the previous year of the competition I was entering had a competitor with a kind of similar name so I had to think of something else. It took a long time and a lot of thinking before I found something I was happy with and it was difficult to search every individual name I thought of and sift through every possible mention on google search. Finally I came up with Sugar St Claire. I use Claire Cherry Pie too, it's my instagram name and blog name and different enough to anything anyone was else is using when I started using it.

When I started out in Roller Derby I knew of the Roller Derby Name Roster and thought it would be a great idea to have a similar resource for Pinup names in Australia as there are so many of us and it can be hard to check pre-existing names.  After the idea started becoming a reality it became obvious that the global Pinup community needed the registry just as much, and so it kept growing!

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Sugar St Claire. Image by All About Pout. HMUA Cherry Dollface

Scarlet Soda


Hi There! 


I’m Scarlet Soda and I’m a 50s girl in a modern world.


Growing up, I was the “bigger girl” and I became drawn to retro and alternative styles because the popular fashions didn’t flatter my shape the way classic styles did. It was a slow process of trial and error. Including some tangents into emo & punk. I found dressing like my friends in the latest trends or band shirts and jeans wasn’t me, and I didn’t feel as comfortable as I do in skirts and dresses. I started wearing what I wanted to and quickly became addicted to online shopping! 


By the time I reached my late 20’s I feel I had developed my style but I still wasn’t comfortable in my body. After a reality check about the size I had become during a holiday, I returned with determination to kickoff a big lifestyle change to look after my body and lose weight. 


After six months, I was much happier with my new lifestyle and body. I wanted to celebrate what I achieved and had always admired the girls that entered pinup competitions at rockabilly festivals so I decided to enter “Miss Camperdown Cruise” later in the year. I called on my boyfriend and friends to help me come up with my pinup name and do a photoshoot for my entry. I wouldn't call myself the performer type so I figured I’d just do this one competition as part of my transformation but the Camperdown Cruise pinup competition was a absolute blast and confidence boost! I made so many new friends in a community that was so welcoming and supportive so I delved right into the pinup world. 


Within 12 months of my stage debut, I became an internationally published pinup and won ‘Miss Modern’ at Ballarat Beat, ‘Miss Charity For Kids’ at Cars For Kids, ‘Bested Dressed’ at Beauties By The Bay, and ‘Best on Parade’ at GreazeFest Melbourne. I also became a poster girl and judge for Kingpin Kuztums, appeared on the news and in newspapers, AND I became a mentor! 


Now, I guess I’m what you would call a multi-national pinup because I’m a Kiwi girl who has lived in Melbourne, Australia, for the past 10 years and late 2016 I sold everything and moved to S.E. Asia to travel. Although there’s not as much pinup activity along my travels, pinup will always be part of me. I joined The Pinup Registry team so I can contribute to this community that has already given me so much and encourage everyone to embrace their inner pinup as you find the tools to create a stronger, brighter version of yourself!

Scarlet Soda. Imge by Steven Wright.