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These are a few of our favourite things!

Looking for some great Pinup tutorials, tips and tricks?  

No one way is THE right way, everyone has different hair, eye shapes, skin types etc etc so it's always good to play around and learn from lots of different sources 'till you find what works best for you! 

Here are our favourite places to spend hours learning new things

Miss MonMon

.Miss MonMon is an internationally published Pinup Model, National and international titleholder, Blogger, YouTuber, Brand Ambassador and Event Manager. She is a full time pinup model, blogger, stylist and lover of all things glamour, vintage, glitter and tea. 

Her content covers all things from craft adventures, Pinup, brand reviews and cooking - it's a lot of fun! Check out her Blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook

We've really enjoyed her Pinup Pageant Guide series in particular, check out this episode on What to do On Stage.

Miss Lady Lace

Perth's very own vintage queen, Miss Lady Lace is a multi-award winning international pinup model, burlesque artist, vintage blogger, producer & MC.

Miss Lady Lace is a prolific content creator in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and her Blog. She

covers everything from product reviews to hair and makeup and even vintage workouts through these platforms.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica is a deaf and disabled YouTuber who makes videos about vintage lifestyle and fashion (which she lives and dresses every day) and also deafness, disability and LGBT+ awareness. 


Jessica has a loyal following on Twitter, Youtube, instagram and Facebook and adds new videos weekly.

And all her videos are captioned - yay!

Here's one of our favourite hair tutorials from Jessica - easy vintage styles that anyone can master!

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet is a full time Pinup enthusiast, model, blogger, and hairdresser with a bright and bubbly personality and oodles of vintage styling knowhow. 

VV teaches classes on Vintage Hair and Makeup all over the world and is a past Miss Viva Las Vegas and Miss Pinup New Zealand.

Cherry Dollface is a household name in rockabilly, pinup and vintage circles around the world and for good reason. Her style, class and delightful sense of humour shine through her youtube videos, instagram photos and Facebook posts (along with her stunning bright red hair!) and is sure to get you hooked.  


Cherry Dollface shares her hair and makeup expertise with her fans through booked-out workshops (which she travels around the globe to deliver) and tutorials on her youtube channel. She also does hair and makeup transformations for events and photo shoots!

Amongst different styling and makeup tutorials, Pinup Doll Ashley Maree specialises in modern Pinup styling, particularly quick and easy hair styles using heat – no wet setting your hair the night before. She can achieve a huge variety of styles this way and her youtube channel is a great place to visit if you prefer heat styling (particularly with a curling iron) and want to learn some great quick and easy styles.  

"Ham...with a Side of Cheesecake. Authentic and Modern Techniques for Vintage Beauty. Plus some great music and a chatty broad."

Your go-to gal for vintage styling tips and tricks - spicing it up with a splash of modern techniques thrown in for good measure.  The ever-cheerful Lisa Freemont St is a wonderful source of all things vintage and styling, always accompanied by fun music!

Diablo Rose

Diablo Rose is a hairdresser and stylist from the UK, her iconic bright pink locks and talent for achieving perfect vintage styles is legendary in the Pinup world.

She hasn't made many tutorials for a while, but those she has on her youtube site are great quality and easy to follow.

Michael and Kitty from Bouffant Delacroix in Melbourne, Australia are hair wizards. They know hair, they know vintage and modern hair styling and they are a pleasure to be around.  

Unfortunately not everyone in the world has a Michael or a Kitty on hand to do their hair for them every day and it’s not practical to move into their salon with them full time…

Fortunately they have a youtube channel so we can take them home with us! If you were lucky enough to pick up a copy of Issue 5 of Adore Magazine you will have their wet set Marilyn Monroe hair tutorial in your hot little hands but if you missed out, never fear! Their youtube channel has all sorts of videos on it from Hair how-to’s to Makeup and Hair FAQ’s and Hair and Makeup Look-Alike tutorials where they show us how to achieve the look of some of our favourite fashion icons like Marilyn and Dita Von Tease

Candice DeVille is the queen of vintage technique and has to be one of the most effortlessly glamorous people we have ever met. Candice has put a lot of practice and effort into perfecting the art of vintage hair, makeup and fashion over the years but she makes it look so very easy and effortless – like she just woke up that way! She kindly shares her knowledge with us over at the Vintage Current blog and youtube channel. If you're lucky enough to live in Australia she holds classes and does styling for events.

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