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Lady Lipstick
Lily Grace
Lady A Broad
Holly Wouldn't
Charlotte Cake
Rouge Noir
Ivy Fox
Victory Violet
Brianna Blackheart
Bettie The Bombshell
Dale-Velvet Rose
Miss Cherry September
Velvet De Collete
Catalina Colie
Miss Rouge
Eva Las Vegas
Sugar St Claire
Frantasy Island
Davina Foxx
Neana Las Vegas
Lilly Loca
Nadia Faye
Lucky Dip


Red lipstick kiss

The Pinup Registry is currently closed to new registrations.

Finding a name that is unique and suits you and your personality perfectly can be difficult so please show respect and consideration to pre-existing pinups when choosing your name.

View registration Terms and Conditions below

Registration Ts and Cs


Before we can sign you up, there's a few T&C's we need to run past you:

Successful name registration will require an pre-paid annual registration fee of $15 (AUD) per name, which goes towards upkeep, registration, administration and promotion of 'The Pinup Registry'. 

To register a name it must have been in use for a minimum of 6 months as either a Pinup, Roller Derby or Performer name. 

Applicants need not have won any titles or be published models to register. However, applicants must be able to back up their submission with a valid website, blog or social media page where the name is featured, or is at least mentioned as being in use and belonging to the applicant.

Names must be culturally sensitive and respectful. 

We will not spell check your name, if anything is incorrect on your listing please get in contact and we can fix it.

If you wish to register a name that is very similar or identical to a name already on our registry, please contact the person who originally registered that name to seek permission from them to use the name and provide that written permission with your application. Please check out our page on choosing a Pinup Name to see why this is important.

If another Pinup has registered a name you believe you were using before them, please contact us before filling in the registration form. Together we can establish who began using it first, and has the right of registration. If names have been in use for a number of years before the creation of 'The Pinup Registry', we will not expect anyone to change their names in order to register them.

If your name is already registered on a Burlesque, Performer or Roller Derby registry please add that information to your registration form.  

If you are considering using your Pinup name as a Performer or Roller Derby name please check the relevant registry to ensure that name isn't already in use.  

Listing your name on the Pinup Name Registry does not provide you with legal protection, however we hope that all Pinups will appreciate and respect the spirit of this registry and make sure that no Pinups appropriate the names of other Pinups or performers.  

Lastly, if your name is no longer in use, please contact us before your annual membership fee is processed. If you cancel your membership, you may use The Pinup Registry until the end of your annual membership period. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the membership fee paid for the then-current membership period

Ts and Cs
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