Serenity Siren
Frantasy Island
Betty Von Dee
Kalamity Kat
Phoebe Nyx
Boowop Bree
October Diamond
Miss Kelly - The Flying Pinup
Velvet De Collete
Ivy Fox
Dale-Velvet Rose
Victory Violet
Miss Cherry September
Lucky Dip
Rouge Noir
Brianna Blackheart
Miss Nadia Faye
Miss Davina Foxx
Catalina Colie
Eva Las Vegas


Shakepeare said "a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet" but whether your name is Rose or something else it should be a reflection of you and as unique as you are - after all, you could be using it for a while and the longer you use it for the harder it is to change if you have to.  


Coming up with a Pinup name can be a difficult process, so much thought can eventually become too much thought and it gets frustrating.  Don't overthink it - but you can absolutely do better than a Pinup Name Generator! 


Are there any rules for creating a Pinup name?  No, but there are some things you should consider


1.  Make it unique.  If you come up with a brilliant name, search around here, on facebook and google etc to see if it or something very similar is already being used by someone else.  If you choose a name that is similar to one already being used, consider that you may meet them someday, compete against them, perform with them or be at the same events - who knows where you could go with it! 


2.  Do some research.  Find out what names were popular during the 1940s and 1950s and why.  Research popular movie stars and watch old movies to get a feel for the differences in the way people referred to each other and familiar names and terms of affection that were used.


3.  Make it G rated.  Pinup events are often family friendly!


4.  Burlesque performer, stage names and Roller Derby names can be totally fine and it can be handy to keep the same name if your Pinup persona is similar to another persona and you feel that name reflects you - but not all of them translate seamlessly to Pinup.  


5.  Pick something that reflects your personality and something that you like - because they can be a little tricky to change once they stick and you've built a social media following.

6.  But if you really want to you can always change your name later on if you find it doesn't quite sit right.  

7.  Think about your Pinup persona - is it you?  An extension of you?  A chance for you to come out of your shell?  Is she sweet, sassy, classic, glamorous, funny, adorable, bold or a bit naughty?  If your name is going to have an adjective or spin on an adjective in it make sure that word is appropriate for your pinup personality.

8.  If you're going to use words in a different language or from a different culture, for example French, which is used a fair bit and has masculine and feminine forms for different words and contexts, check that it's spelled correctly, used in the correct way and is culturally sensitive.

9.  Finally, once you've found a name you think is right for you, make sure nobody else is using it already!  Search on here and check facebook and google.  It can be hard to establish what names are already in use as the pinup community is spread all over the globe, that is why we feel the registry is so very important.

The names that are the most fun and stick the longest are creative and original names, names that have a quirky twist, names that reflect a love and knowledge of the 1940s and 1950s, names that are clever and show that thought has been put into them - names that compliment the personality of the Pinup persona they represent.

Once you find something you like, try it on!  Say it out loud, roll it around on your tongue, say it to your friends and see what they think - often saying the name out loud feels different to writing it down.  A lot of Pinups say that once you find your name it just feels right.  If your name doesn't feel right you can always change it!


Some names are used more commonly than others in the Pinup world.

Although still beautiful, if one of these names is on your list of possible names you may want to consider using something else to keep it more original, or using it in an original way.

Red and variations such as Rouge, Ruby, Scarlet etc