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About The pinup registry

Mission Statement:

The Pinup Registry is the original global name database, education and networking resource created by pinups, for pinups.

We strive to continually grow and develop this resource and support our community with integrity and passion. 

Our admin group represents countries from around the globe and different diverse groups. Diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, education, support, representation, and progress are not just catch phrases for us - they are at the core of what we aim to achieve with this resource.

Pinup Registry History:

The pinup community around the world is expanding every year. As that happens, each new pinup comes up with a pinup name that reflects their pinup personality. Coming up with an original and appropriate name can take a long time and a lot of effort so it is important to ensure that each name remains as unique as the pinup who created it. 


Before The Pinup Registry, it was hard to establish what names were already in use as the pinup community is spread all over and differences in spelling and page access means a google or facebook search isn't always accurate - that is why we created The Pinup Registry and feel it is so very important. 


This is not only a list of names, but a resource and place where Pinups can connect, learn more about each other, find out what is happening in the global community and have some great information and resources at their disposal through both the website, our Facebook group and Instagram account - @thepinupregistry

We are one big global community that is expanding at a great rate, so lets get closer and learn more about each other and who is out there in the world of Pinup!  

The low, annual fee of $15 (AUD) goes toward website costs and administration of this beautiful resource.
Group registration is free!

Don't have a Pinup name? You can still subscribe to our newsletter using the form in the footer below.

Having trouble deciding on a Pinup name? Click here to check out our page on Choosing A Pinup Name

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