How the Pinup Name Registry came to be

The Pinup Registry is the original global name resource by pinups, for pinups.


It's a global database where all names can be preserved and a platform for pinups to connect with each other, learn about each other and our community and of course, find inspiration for new names.

The pinup community around the world is expanding every year. As that happens, each new pinup comes up with a pinup name that reflects their pinup personality.  


Coming up with an original and appropriate name can take a long time and a lot of effort so it is important to ensure that each name remains as unique as the pinup who created it. 


Before The Pinup Registry, it was hard to establish what names were already in use as the pinup community is spread all over and differences in spelling and page access means a google or facebook search isn't always accurate - that is why we created The Pinup Registry and feel it is so very important. 

The Pinup Registry was created by Australian Pinup and performer, Sugar St Claire. She wanted to create a name registry and Pinup resource because there are so many Pinups across the globe and it can be difficult to keep track of what names are being used - and it can cause angst and confusion.

She enlisted the help of some fabulous friends and together they created not only a registry, but a resource and place where Pinups can connect, learn more about each other, find out what is happening in the global community and have some great information and tips at their disposal.  


After talking with some great personalities in the Australian and New Zealand communities and getting some great ideas and feedback it was only a short matter of time before it evolved into a global project!

As it became more clear exactly how much work would go into properly realising their vision and doing it justice (along with working their day jobs) they were joined by  Scarlet Soda, Frantasy Island, Miss October Diamond, Miss Whisky Twist, Dottie May and Adelle La Belle.