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illustration of a tattooed pinup drawn all in orange wearing swimwear, kneeling and blowing a kiss

Do I need a Pinup Name?

There are lots of excellent reasons to create a Pinup name ranging from personal to professional. 

Personal -

for fun,

for entering competitions,

for publications

Blogging, Instagram and other social media - this could become a professional endeavour 


Persona/alias - writing (pen name) for publications.

Roller derby name

Performer name

Like a Pinup name, a performer name is a big part of an identity used to help maintain personal privacy and aid with promotion. 

Business name

There are many Pinups in our community who use their names as or in their registered business name and have built a professional profile around it. 

So no, you don't need a pinup name, but there are many excellent reasons to have one.

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Why Register My Name?

Coming up with an original name that feels right for you and your pinup personality can take a long time and a lot of effort so it is important to ensure that each name remains as unique as the Pinup who created it.   


It can be hard to find out what names are already in use as our community is spread all over the globe.  Google or facebook searches aren't always accurate because of differences in spelling and page access - that is why we feel the registry is so very important. 


The Pinup Registry is the original and only one of its kind in the world and we hope that this resource will help Pinups from everywhere meet each other, keep in touch, learn more about our culture and how to Pinup, get the style tips they want and stay up to date with news and events through our pages, The Pinup Hub, Facebook, Instagram and of course our newsletter.

The registry is a place where all names can be preserved and where Pinups can come and find others in their country, state and town and find inspiration for names, collaborations, ventures and adventures etc.

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What do I get out of registration?

The registration fee goes towards website costs and administration of this beautiful resource.

Along with increased name visibility and helping to avoid name copying, registration gives you the opportunity to:​

  • Be featured on our website and social media platforms

  • enter our competitions (such as frequent Pinup of the Month competitions over on Facebook)

  • Receive exclusive offers from our generous sponsors

While registering your name on a database does not provide you with legal protection, the data listed can assist with establishing intellectual property ownership if required.

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Pinup Cow-Gal drawn in green

Can you share my images?


If you're registered with us and would like us to share an image of yours on the site or social media please get in touch.

Images need to be professional quality, tasteful and comply with social media regulations.

We also require all image credits to share - including photographer, hair, makeup, and styling etc

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Is it Pin-Up or Pinup?

Both! Or either. It's a personal preference.

The concept reached its key popularity in the 40s during WW2 (though it began as early as the 1800s - where female burlesque and vaudeville performers would create highly collectable promotion cards with their image on them, often in dressed a more risqué fashion than was acceptable in every day society) and that peak continued through to the 60s, now it has a far more modern execution, though we still pay tribute to its popular roots.

Pin Up of the 40s-60s has evolved and changed over the decades and is now a very different thing to what it was. Modern Pinup fashion and culture still draws heavily on that of the 40s-60s, after all, that's what Pinup aesthetic is based on, but it is far more diverse, inclusive and feminist than it was seen to be (particularly in popular media of the time).

At The Pinup Registry we choose to use the term Pinup to acknowledge that evolution and celebrate the ever-increasing diversity and inclusivity of our culture, whilst still paying respect to our trailblazing Pin Up fore-sisters.


We firmly believe in the phrase originally coined by Dandy Wellington; 'Vintage Style, Not Vintage Values'.

And this quote from Ms Moyna May sums it up perfectly:

"I’ve often felt I was born in the wrong era, at home in an old book or being crafty…

The re-emergence of mid-century styling has comforted me like a good cup of tea.  

Yet, in spite of this, I am inked and rebellious, a free-thinking and politically minded woman who wouldn’t choose to live in an earlier time."

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Pinup illustration in purple. wearing a long polkadot dress and smiling
Pinup burlesque performer illustration in turquoise
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