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Lockdown, Glow Up!

We had a ball with our last week-long Lockdown Glow Up photo challenge, and hope you did too!

In fact, we had so much fun we thought we'd do it again!

So starting on April 19th with Dapper Day At Home (for those lovers of Disney and dressing up dapper), we have a week filled with fun photo challenges to try.

We know some of you like to be prepared, so here's the full week all laid out for you in advance. Each post will be going up on the relevant day, but this is the only place you'll find all of them at once.

Share your images on Facebook and Instagram - don't forget to tag us @thepinupregistry and use #lockdownglowup and #thepinupregistry so we can find and share them.

If you don't have a facebook page or instagram account we've got you covered! Each challenge will be posted up on our Facebook group The Pinup Registry Lounge and you can add your pics to it.

Have fun everyone!

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