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Miss Self Isolation - Georgie Jive

In this time of global upheaval, isolation and uncertainty, online pageants have sprung up to fill the void left by canceled events all over, and they have been making the competition aspect of Pinup more accessible to people from all walks of life. About time too!

Miss Self Isolation, run by Miss Dale Velvet-Rose was one of the first. It was streamed on Facebook on May 2nd and entries were submitted in video and photo format, and Georgie Jive from Canterbury, New Zealand was the winner!

As part of our sponsorship of Miss Self Isolation, we were thrilled to find out more about Georgie Jive and be able to introduce you to her properly. Here she is, both safe and stylish in classic Covid fashion!

How did you choose your pinup name? My father’s pet name for me was “Georgie Girl” after the 1967 song by The Seekers. After Dad passed away it just seemed right to use ‘Georgie’ and ‘Jive’ followed naturally representing my love for Rock-n-Roll dancing (with the Jive being my favourite!)

Tell us a little bit about yourself I’ve been married (to Craig) for 32 years; we have two adult children: Bryce who is a drummer in a local Death Metal band, and Nakita who is a photographer (they both have real jobs too ) Craig and I own a 1923 T Bucket, and a 1965 Ford Futura (ex America) which we really enjoy, and get out in as much as possible. We love the car culture and go to as many events as we can, especially if there is dancing involved! I’m a Registered Accounting Technician, and have worked as the Business Operations Officer for the New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science for the past 15 years. I own 2 horses, which I keep on our lifestyle block, however they don’t get ridden much any more! I also hold a Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring, which is why I love to make all my own (and Craig’s) 50’s outfits. What do you enjoy most about the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture and how did you get into it? I love the comradery of the Rockabilly culture, the clothes, cars and music. The car shows, pageants and dances are all fabulous, and it is something that Craig and I can do together. I am fairly new to Pinup, but making some good friends. It all started with the cars……. Care to share your favourite Pinup tip? Once your hair is in place – DON’T TOUCH IT!!!! (If you are happy with it the first time, that’s the best it’s going to get )

Do you have a defining Pinup moment - when you felt like it was the right path for you? After entering a couple of competitions and not getting anywhere, I thought I would pick up the pace a bit! I researched 50s clothing, and started keeping true to the fashion of the error. I loved the glamour and gorgeous girls! My third comp, I won 2nd place, and that was it, I was hooked! Any advice for Pinups entering or thinking about entering their first comp? Just be yourself and enjoy every moment! My motto: “People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to care!” Do it for yourself. Once you get over the nerves of your first catwalk, it's a piece of cake, and really enjoyable! How does it feel to be crowned the very first Miss Self-Isolation? I was totally blown away! I had made my outfit for another pageant which was cancelled due to COVID, so it was an opportunity to show it off. I am totally humbled and feel very honoured to be chosen the first Miss Self-Isolation. What did you enjoy most about the competition? Making the video was so much fun! And my best friend (Apryl Darling) was also a finalist, so we did the whole thing together. We watched the final together with our husbands, and we had such a blast! It was awesome to spend the afternoon with some nibbles, a wee wine or two, and watching the competition online. Really, enjoyed the whole experience!

Why do you feel online competitions are important at this time of isolation and do you feel they are the way of the future? Online comps like this one are very valuable at a time like this when people are locked away from their usual lives. I have made new online friends, and it gave me something to work towards, and look forward to. Looking into the future, I think this would be a great way to hold competitions, especially those that involve countries from all over the world – it removes the restriction of travel (let's face it, we can't always afford to attend overseas pageants), and allows people to feel more comfortable in their own space with their own surroundings. It certainly made it a more comfortable experience for me, and in so doing has given me the wonderful experience of being crowned Miss Self-Isolation! What’s up next for you? It really depends on what happens with pageants and car shows around the country! We hope to head to Beach Hop (in Whangamata) in November and I will be entering that pageant. There are no other pageants on the horizon at the moment….. who knows what 2021 will bring!

1. Covid ready! - credit me (selfie)

2.  Muscle Car Madness 2020 - credit Aces & Eights Photography (also credit to Miss Foxy Locks for helping me pose for my first shoot!)

3.  Cruisy Days Diner - credit Mandy-Jean Parlteton

4.  Miss Self Isolation - credit Craig Tozer

5. Promo pic for Miss Self Isolation - credit Craig Tozer

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