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New page content! Your Photo Shoot

A big part of Pinup culture is photos - preparing, shooting, submitting, being published, sharing etc. They are a great way to build your profile and can be a lot of fun.

But how do you find a photographer? How do you know if they're any good? How do you know they're not a total creep? What do you do if you don't feel safe? How do you trust them to bring your shoot vision to reality?

Finding a photographer to work with can be a tricky thing especially when you’re new to the scene and have yet to build up a personal registry of photographers you have collaborated with, feel comfortable in front of and trust to realise your visions and ideas.

We've teamed up with internationally acclaimed photographer (and all-round excellent person) Angel Leggas of 3 Fates Media to bring you a handy guide about the ins and outs of your photo shoot to help you make the right choices when working with a photographer, either for the first time or to make your next shoot a better experience than your last one.

Image credit:

Image - 3 Fates Media

Model - Sugar St Claire

HMUA - Sugar St Claire

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