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Ask A Pinup - My Top 4 Kick Ass Red Lipstick Shades

Lipstick has the power to completely change your look. Swiping a rich red lipstick

bullet over my lips is my favourite part of putting my face together in the morning. I'm

rarely seen without any on, even on the weekends.

I loved watching raven haired, red lipped ladies in movies or cartoons growing up

and just feeling totally attracted to that vintage style and look.

I wanted to share my top 4 favourite red lipstick shades and why I love them so

much - I'll also note that these lipsticks are tubes which I have completely finished

and re-purchased.

Lady Danger by MAC Cosmetics

My first proper red lipstick. I had cheap little kits of makeup before, you know those

little makeup kits girls have 'my first makeup kit' etc. etc. Anyway, Lady Danger was

my first lipstick that I bought with my own money. To tell you the truth I was more

attracted to the name than I was the actual colour. At first glance, it's incredibly

bright, and I feel like it's probably one of those shades women would quickly say "Oh

I wish I could wear lip colours like that".

Yes, it's bright and bold! But just try it! I always go into cosmetic stores to try lipsticks on. I have no shame, and there is no way I'm spending my hard earned cash on a lipstick that I haven't tried on.

Lady Danger is a beautiful bright mixture of red and orange. It’s a creamy matte that

has super lasting powers. I love it and think it looks incredible on everyone that I've

ever seen wearing it. It's my go-to shade in the warmer months, and I particularly like

the shade against my pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes. It's an absolute show

stopper, and I always get asked what lipstick I'm wearing when I have it on.

Rush by Natio

This lipstick is a piece of gold. It's so well priced, and the richest deep blood red

you'll ever find, I'm sure of it. It’s a long-lasting, moisturising lip colour that is laden

with high impact mineral pigments. I can't even handle it. It enriched with essential

oils and smells like roses.

The only critique with this lipstick is that I must use a dark lip liner beforehand. If I

don't, the colour bleeds really easily and looks less than glamourous. A lip liner is a

must with this lipstick.

American Beauty by Besame

While I would easily agree that every single Besame lipstick is so beautiful, my

favourite out of them is without a doubt American Beauty. A true replica of a cool,

1945 red shade it's so creamy and dreamy to swipe on. With staying power that is

next to none, it's been my favourite Besame shade for over two years now.

It has a very slight pink undertone on me; the colour really pops on my pale skin.

Vixen Lipstick by Vixen by Micheline Pitt & Julie Hewitt

I grabbed this lovely red shade while I was at Viva Las Vegas because I couldn't

resist. One can never have too many red lipsticks and this seemed like a classic pin

up red. This truly, creamy matte red lipstick is now a staple in my makeup kit and it

literally goes with anything.

"Vixen Lipstick is a true technicolour red that is an even tone between warm and cool tones" I love it!

So there you have it, my top 4 red lipstick shades. You have an orange toned red, a

blue red, a classic retro red, and a cool red with a slight pink undertone. I will also

note that I always wear a red lip liner under my lipsticks. I like to pencil my whole lip

in, then slightly over the lip line, and then swipe my lipstick shade over the top. Blot

on a piece of tissue and then I'm good to go.


Top to Bottom (Lady Danger, Rush, Vixen, American Beauty)

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