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Pinup Makeup 101- Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can be a tricky beast. Some people seem to be naturally blessed with a steady hand and expert eye from the beginning whilst others find it more difficult and then there's hooded eyelids, which are a whole different matter (and are covered further down in this post).

Everyone seems to have a different preference for liner thickness, swoop thickness and length and then once you've got your technique down, there's a million different eyeliners out there to try! We've all seen the memes about when eyeliner goes wrong and can relate to them in some way (and if you haven't, here's one just for you from We Know Memes!).

There are a lot of different tutorials out there and everyone has a different technique and different products they love - wouldn't it be great if some of the best tutorials were all in one place for easy viewing, comparison and practice? Why yes it would, so here are some of my favourites just for you as the second installation of my Pinup Makeup 101 series. As always, the channels I have sourced these tutorials have many more fabulous videos to peruse so please check them out.

First up we have a quick and easy tutorial from Lisa Freemont St to get you in the mood

The always impeccably made-up Candice DeVille brings us a quick and easy tutorial for achieving perfect cats eye liner broken down into 3 steps

If you have unsteady hands or need a little help getting your lines straight, Cherry Dollface has made a tutorial using tape to achieve perfect wings. Check it out!

Hooded eyelids have their own set of problems - I have hooded eyelids and can't for the life of me get my eyeliner to point perfectly, it always looks like it's a bit swoopy and curvey. This trick that Pinup Doll Ashley Marie has developed makes it look a lot straighter.

And of course Alissa Ashley, queen of hooded eye makeup, has a great tutorial too

I hope you found these tutorials helpful - please get in contact if you have any post requests!

My personal eyeliner preferences are the Tattoo liner by Kat Von D and the Artliner by Lancome. - They both have a felt tip which makes them super easy to apply.

With the Artliner you can wipe it off easily before it sets without it smudging all over your face when you make mistakes.

The Tattoo liner stays so well and doesn't smudge, which is great when you have hooded eyes and your face sweats a bit more than average (thanks low blood pressure and medications!)

Most importantly for me, I'm not allergic to either of them! If you have sensitive skin or allergies can be so hard (and very expensive) to find makeup that works for your skin.

Recently I bought Schwing by The Balm to try, it's cruelty free so I much prefer to use those products, but there's no telling how new products will go on my skin and it can be very expensive trying to find something that is cruelty free, easy to apply and doesn't make my eyes sting and itch.

May your hands be steady, may your eyeliner never run or smudge and may you achieve perfect wings first time, every time!

Sugar xx

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