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Ask A Pinup - False Eyelashes

For our first 'Ask A Pinup' post for the year we're talking lashes! You wanted to know how to get them right each time and we've got some great tips for you.

Eyelashes can be a real pain and tricky to get right, but they look fantastic when you do! While larger than life lashes are not essential to pulling off the Pinup look, they sure can help - but choosing the right lashes and trimming them for your eye type is important as the wrong ones can be harder to apply and can potentially make your eyes look smaller.

For example, I have hooded eyes that are a little deep-set and find that thicker, longer ones make it harder for me to open my eyes fully, which makes me sleepy - go figure! So I tend to steer toward more natural looking lashes that make my eyes pop just enough but mean I can still see properly, I also give them a decent trim on the inside corners.

The right, properly trimmed lashes for your eye and face type will look fabulous and are more likely to stay in place all day and not fall off or lift at the corners no matter the weather!

Sugar St Claire - Image by All About Pout

Sugar St Claire

Image by All About Pout

There are a range of tools and different techniques you can use to apply them but it seems that no matter how good your technique is, applying eyelashes still involves a bit of good favour from the lash goddess!

Before starting Pinup style makeup I hadn't really thought about my eye shape and type, I just had eyes and things either worked on them or they didn't. Now I'm discovering that having hooded eyes is an extra challenge, but one that can be worked around with the help of tips from seasoned professionals

Here are my 3 favourite eyelash tips and tricks sources, I hope you find them helpful and if you have any other tips please share!

  • Here of course is Cherry Dollface, bringing us the basics of lash applications and maintenance - some great tips in here!

  • Then there's Alissa Ashley, queen of hooded eye makeup tutorials - not strictly Pinup, but a very useful tutorial all the same and great for highlighting the difference that the wrong lashes can make to your overall look. Her channel was recommended to me by a fellow hooded-eyed gal and I have to pass on the recommendation, she's pretty great and has a series of tutorials on there for all sorts of makeup looks, tips and tricks.

After watching Alyssa's tutorial I thought I'd give tweezers a go for helping my lash placement, up until then I had always just done it with my fingers because I believed it gave me better control. Turns out tweezers, even just normal ones, really help if your eyes are tricky to place lashes on properly. Woohoo!

At the moment I am loving Sweetie Pie and Oh Honey! from the Katy Perry range by Eyelure, which you can find at priceline. I picked up some pre-glued lashes recently (also by Eyelure - do we get many other easy to find brands in Australia?!) to give them a go and found them really easy to apply - no waiting for glue to become tacky enough and set properly, yay! And they last about two uses before they stop being sticky enough to wear. After that the sticky strips can be removed and you can use them like normal lashes!

Now what I would really love is a little container to store all my lashes in so I don't have boxes everywhere, does such a thing still exist? I saw one a long time ago so if you see one please let me know!

So lovelies, go forth and lash! And may the Lash Goddess smile upon you

Sugar xx

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