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October Pinup of the Month, Halloween Special - Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon is a 40s and 50s loving pinup from Florida USA and she is the simply spook-tacular winner of our Halloween themed Pinup of the Month competition! In addition to our regular interview questions we have asked Ruby some particularly ghoulish halloween themed questions - oooo!

From creepy monsters to evil villains, who is your favourite Halloween character?

Ohhhh gotta be Morticia Addams hands down (Thing intended)

Pinups really know how to haunt it for Halloween!

What do you plan to dress up as for Halloween this year? OR What would be your perfect pinup Halloween costume? This year Im in England for Halloween. My Significant other and I are dressing as 1950s Zombie Sweethearts.

What's your favourite spooky movie?

House of 1000 corpses!

In a zombie apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice?

A sickle/Sling blade I think that could do some pretty wicked damage to a zombie.

How did you choose your Pinup name?

Honestly it wasnt hard at all. My real name is Ruby-Violet and my other part of my name is Moon. So I took the 2 names everyone calls me put them together and viola RubyMoon was born. Literally everyone in my family calls me Moon or moonie. Not many people call me Ruby or Ruby-Violet in my family. I come from a long line of Ruby's. Im the 4th one actually. But I love my name, and proud to carry itand even use it in my pinup name.

Why do you love pinup?

I love the themes the pin up look evokes - The style, culture and mannerisms of the 40's and 50's !

Would you like to share your favourite beauty tip?

you know the old saying the best curve on a womans body is her smile? Welp yup. Thats true. And my beauty tip is. (providing youre not allergic) I brush hydrogen peroxide once a week. During my morning brush I brush as usual. And then I brush once more I take my toothbrush pour about a capfull of hydrogen peroxide onto the bristles and brush. It helps loosen extra plaque buildup and gently whitens your teeth.

What’s your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture?

The like mindedness of everyone who enjoys it. Getting together having a good time, the fashion. The classic cars. Its all in good fun. I also love how its spreading more and more. With events like Dapper Day I love that people are embracing the fashions and vintage type living more now on a daily basis. I think thats wonderful. Its such a good feeling to be able to get with friends who share the same type of ideals and tastes as you.

When did you know that pinup was the right thing for you?

I did my 1st pinup shoot 6 years ago. I just got out of a 10 year relationship and wanted to look into pinup modeling. There is just something so classy and lovely about the bygone era. So I kept doing shoots and here I am. I love it.

What advice would you like to give to new pinups?

Be yourself! Be kind. There can be a lot of trial and error. But dont give up. Do you research. Be supportive of one an other.

Favourite business shoutout!

My favorite small business and I JUST LOVE ALL her products. Is Sweet midnight. She designs and makes all of her products. Its the creepy side of cute

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