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February Pinup of the Month - Ruby Retro!

Meet Ruby Retro, a Pinup from New Zealand and a real retro sweetheart.

Ruby has won a bottle of Poison Apple setting spray and can't wait to try it. Join Ruby and us for a cup of tea and learn all about her.

How did you choose your Pinup name?

I am a makeup artist and hair stylist specialising in vintage looks.  I chose the name Ruby Retro for my business because it had a nice alliteration, and due to my real name often getting spelt and said incorrectly (it's Kristy but I always get Kirsty!) I needed something catchy and easy to say and remember.  I ended up liking the name so much that I stole it for my pinup name too!

Why do you love pinup? I love how pinup can transform your confidence.  I often get people come up to me and compliment my hair or outfit, and even though I am doing it for myself and not for others, I feel an amazing sense of pride and positivity when it happens and I cant help but hold my head a little bit higher.  When someone takes the time and effort to compliment me, I am always so grateful and appreciate it so much!  I like that there is a look for everyone, and everyone involved in pinup has different tastes which really makes the community so diverse and interesting.  As long as you love the way you look, that is all that matters.  Honestly!  Do not worry about anyone else.  The compliments are just a nice bonus.

When did you know that pinup was the right thing for you?

When I had my second child 4.5 years ago, I suffered Post Natal Distress really bad.  It got to the point where I was struggling to leave the house, and being out in public would near give me an anxiety attack and make me feel physically sick.  It was terrible and debilitating.  I basically didn't care how I looked anymore and it was pretty depressing.  I have always taken an interest in vintage styles and in particular the 1940s and wartime era since I was a teenager, but only ever really dabbled in the fashion.  I had no idea there was actually communities of people who loved pinup and vintage just like me.  So when I found a couple of pinup groups on Facebook after my baby was born, I felt really inspired by these gorgeous and confident women, that were living and dressing up pinup and vintage inspired on a day to day basis.  There was something very powerful about having the confidence to dress and look exactly how YOU wanted and desired to.  I invested in some rollers and setting spray, bought a couple of new vintage inspired items of clothing, and never looked back.  Even though it took a really long time to recover from PND, pinup absolutely helped me with that. I get to dress up and have fun with it.  I can be myself.  It was liberating!

Would you like to share your favourite beauty tip?

Vaseline makes a great eye makeup remover!  Just use a warm wet face cloth to gently remove.

What’s your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture?

My favourite has to be meeting new people and making new friends!  I know it can be a scary prospect for some, so do make sure you reach out to your local pinup group and make it known you are new and looking for some people to hang out with!  I guarantee there will be someone else feeling the exact same way.  I still remember going to my first meetup with some local girls, not knowing anyone and feeling really nervous, and now I can honestly say each and every one of them are great friends!  I like to think the pinup and rockabilly community are open and welcoming to everyone.

What advice would you like to give to new pinups?

You don't need to spend lots of money to enjoy the pinup lifestyle.  There are so many pretty things you'll want to buy - it's honestly a rabbit hole (trust me, I went down it!). If you happen to be on a budget, join up to pre loved pinup clothing groups (there are heaps!).  Explore your local second hand stores, where you can find head scarves, cute cardigans, and accessories for cheap.  Think about starting a capsule wardrobe.  And, (this is something I have started to do more and more of) learn to sew your own clothes!  It often works out so much more affordable, and you will have something that is perfectly to your taste (you'll feel super proud of yourself too!).  Whatever you decide to wear, give it your own flair, and have fun with it!

What's your favourite season?Autumn!  The world slows down, and the earth starts to quieten as nature starts to hibernate and get ready for the colder months. I think it's a really lovely and peaceful time of the year.  I can finally start wearing all my pretty cardigans again, and the beautiful colours of the changing leaves make for excellent photo opportunities too!

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