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Lucky number 100 - Miss Mabel May

Meet Miss Mabel May, a Pinup from Palmerston Nth, New Zealand. The Pinup Registry has been really well received in New Zealand (most likely because it was one of two launching countries and they have a tight-knit community) so it's come as no surprise that a Pinup from the land of the Kiwi was our 100th registered name. Here at The Pinup Registry we love learning about the Pinups who register with us, so join us in learning more about Miss Mabel May our lucky 100th name - and she is lucky, she's got some fabulous goodies coming her way!

How did you choose your pinup name?

I did a lot of research and found Miss Victory Violets blog post on choosing a Pinup name super helpful. In it she mentions family and family is something that is super important to me. My name was chosen as a way to remember and pay homage to two incredible women in my family that lived during the 1940s and 1950s. Mabel comes from my Great-Grandmother Mabel Agnes Mildred and May comes from another of my Great-Grandmothers Audrey May!

Why did you decide to register your name and why do you think The Pinup Registry is an important service for Pinups?

I decided to register my name because I had been using my name for a while and knew that it definitely wasn’t going to change. I think The Pinup Registry is such an important service for all pinups. When I was coming up with Miss Mabel May the Registry didn’t exist and I spent hours doing research to make sure that no one else was already using that name. Everyone’s Pinup names are so personal and important to them, so I feel that is important to make sure that no one else already has that name. The Pinup Registry makes this easy. It is also a great way to find and connect with Pinup people in your area.

What do you enjoy most about Pinup?

It would probably be the confidence that dressing Pinup/Vintage gives me. The people are also a huge part of my love for Pinup and Vintage. Having such awesome and inspirational people in the worldwide pinup community makes it so much fun.

What's it like being a Pinup in New Zealand?

It is so much fun! The whole Pinup community in New Zealand is really supportive, kind and helpful to each other. When I was starting out I was so nervous and the New Zealand girls gave me so many tips and boosted my confidence greatly!

Do you have a defining Pinup moment - when you felt like it was the right path for you?

I think it would have to be when I attended the Very Vintage Day Out 2016. It was the first time that I was dressing fully Vintage and I felt so confident. Everyone I met there was so nice and I had an absolute blast. I brought many more pieces for my wardrobe and it was at this event that I knew I wanted to wear Vintage/Pinup every day!

Care to share your favourite beauty tip?

I certainly am no expert on beauty and am still very much just winging it as I go along, but for me I think the key thing to remember when it comes to beauty is just do what works for you and what you think makes you look beautiful. In saying that I think that women are just as beautiful without makeup! My other piece of advice if you are just starting out, would be to do your research and look at all the tutorials available online! They were so helpful for when I started out and overtime I adapted the methods to better suit me, but they provide an excellent foundation to build from.

What are your pinup plans for the year?

Being a University student, I don’t have a lot of free time to travel and go to events, but I would really love to be able to meet more of the Pinup/Vintage girls in New Zealand this year.

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