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Pinup Of The Month - Holiday Edition!

Meet Lady LouLou Bell, our Holiday Pinup of the Month! She is a fabulously sassy, holiday-loving, turquoise-haired Pinup from Kaiapoi in New Zealand and we've asked her a few questions so we can all get to know her better.

How did you choose your Pinup name?

Lady LouLou Bell came about as my Mum's nickname for me is Lou Lou Bell due to my middle name being Louise. I added the Lady because it's a bit ironic as I swear like a pirate, and you know - alliteration

Why do you love Pinup?

I love Pinup as a nod to the past but also being able show as a modern pin up how far we've come. Im rocking it for the Volupt babes.

What's your favourite beauty tip?

All the cliche's - water, sunscreen every day, but my favourite beauty tip is a tie between red lipstick, and confidence. There is literally a red to suit everyone and it never fails to brighten your face. And lastly confidence - shoulders back, head high and act like you own it. You'll feel better for it and other people will think that you're fabulous.

What's your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly community?

My fave aspect of the PinUp and Rockabilly Community is how supportive everyone is. We all look so different and have different takes on the Vintage PinUp and Rockabilly styles but we all rock it and aren't afraid to say so!

When did you know that Pinup was the right thing for you?

I knew that Pin Up was the right thing for me once I had attended the Vintage Day Out at the start of this year. I finally knew what my makeup, clothes and shoes obsessions had been preparing me for!

What advice would you like to give to new Pinups?

My advice for any new PinUps would be to join the Pin Up Honeys Social page on Facebook. Its a great place to get inspiration from others and also ask questions. Everyone is really helpful - we've all been beginners once.

Is there a favourite business you'd like to give a shoutout to?

Fave business shout out would have to be Kabella Baby. Its my local Rockabilly and Pin Up Boutique, and I wouldn't have ever dared wear a wiggle skirt or dress if it wasn't for Kaye telling me I had to try one on - now I love them! After having helped out in the shop I know first hand the warm fuzzies you get when helping people out of their comfort zones and into a beautiful outfit. There are those special cases where its not just a retail transaction, but something quite life changing for the person, Hugs all round <3

What colour petticoat will you choose from Satin Worship?

I'll be choosing a green petticoat from Satin Worship - I already have the staples of red, black and white. And now I get to chose my favourite colour!!!

What are you most excited about in your gift pack from the Beauty School Dropouts?

I'm lucky enough to be getting some Beauty School Dropout Setting Spray in my gift pack and can not wait to give it a whirl.

What is your favourite thing about the holidays?

My favourite thing about the holidays is that I'm not spending 2 hours a day travelling to and from school/work each day with the kids.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

These holidays will be celebrated by being a (hopefully) less stressed Mum to my wonderful husband and kids, BBQ's with friends, attending car shows/watching car racing and unwinding after such an intense year.

Happy holidays everyone, with love from the crew at The Pinup Registry! See you in the new year


Holiday Pinup of the Month is brought to you by our friends at Satin Worship and The Beauty School Dropouts

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