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Pinup of the Month November 2019 - Cha Cha Ooh La La

Our Pinup of the Month for November 2019 is the fabulous Cha Cha Ooh La La - a social babe and perfume addict who found exactly what she needed from the Pinup community at a time when she needed it most.

Cha Cha has won her choice of underbust mesh corset from Orchard Corsets and would like to give them a big thank you! And so would we.

How did you choose your Pinup name?

My PINUP name is Miss Cha Cha Ooh La-La

I recieved the first half of my pinup name Cha Cha from a friend of mine Austin Sprague.

We were at a grocery store as he ran in to grab something I decided to stay in front to wait..

I then began speaking to the lovey older lady as she greeted the people who came in. I struck up a sweet conversation and asked about her day..

Not soon after Austin came up looking for me and finally saw me and said " Get over here Cha Cha we gotta go! All you do is Cha Cha Cha Cha!"

I am one for speaking with people I don't know. Most would always say Im so smiley all the time.

The last part of my Pinup name Ooh La-La comes from me being a perfume ADDICT.

I have over 75 perfumes lined in order on my dresser.

When I finally decide which one to wear

I spray it up in the air and I twirl and say OOH LA-LA

Why do you love pinup?

I love the pinup lifestyle because it makes me feel like I finally found what had been missing from my life..

The pinup community opened their arms and hearts to me during some of the best and hardest time in my life..

They supported me when I needed it the most and I am Forever grateful!

Don't forget the Hot Rods, Rat Rods Muscle cars and all the other BEAUTIFUL Pinups!!

Just like a fine wine, anything vintage ages Best!

What’s your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture?

My favorite aspect of the pinup rockabilly subculture is first of all the music.

You have the freedom to dress and be who you are truely meant to be.

Your a true vintage doll, you will always be a classic!

I am a Kitten in The Kittenz of the Kulture Social Klub from Alton Il..

We invite All Kulture's of all community's that ladies are into.. Be who you are stay true to you!

Image 1 - Photographer Donny Callahan

HMUA - Cha Cha Ooh La La

Images 2 and 3

Photographer Raymond Kennedy Jr.

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