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Pinup of the Month June 2018 - Jaslyn Rose

Meet Jaslyn Rose, our Pinup of the Month for June! Jaslyn hails from NSW in Australia and has been in the Pinup scene for just over 1 year and loves it!

How did you choose your Pinup name?

I started pinup over a year ago and I was in need of a name for a pinup pageant. I have always embraced my name as it's so unique which means I wanted to have Jaslyn in the name as not many other people have the name and my middle name is Rose so that formed my pinup name Miss Jaslyn Rose. Why do you love pinup?

Now that's a can of worms! I mainly love how accepting pinup is, I love that no matter what age, race, size or gender you are the pinup community will accept you. I love that the style suits anyone and everyone and I especially love the many branches of the pinup style such as rockabilly, psychobilly, geekabilly and much more. I also enjoy pinup because I can embrace my femininity and my individuality in my daily life, this is a lifestyle for me and I even do my hair and makeup for work as I just love being a pinup! Would you like to share your favourite winter Pinup tip?

Wear thicker stockings instead of nylons! I usually wear thick black stockings to keep warm although I do have some mustard and maroon/deep red coloured stockings as well but there are plenty of gorgeous colours available to match most outfits.

What’s your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture?

I love how supportive pinups are! I love that no matter who you are the community will help you out. I have a few big things happening this year and the amount of support I have gotten from my pinup sisters have been amazing. When did you know that pinup was the right thing for you?

I have always had a love for everything old school as well as an interest in history particularly wars and the early to mid 1900s. My Mum also used to buy and sell vintage and retro goodies so my love for vintage definitely came from her.

I got into pinup over a year ago now thanks to the lovely Miss Dale Velvet-Rose after meeting her and a few lovely ladies at Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival, Miss Dale Velvet-Rose said that I should enter in Miss Weekend on Wheels in Taree and it all started from there! A year later I won Miss Dolly at Retrofest and I am a finalist in Pinup Doll Australia which is very exciting!

I knew pinup wat the right thing for me after entering my first pageant I loved how supportive everyone was towards a newcomer, I also loved how accepting everyone was. As I said before I just love that I can be myself and I can bring my individuality into all my outfits. The amount of confidence pinup has given me is amazing.

What advice would you like to give to new pinups?

My biggest word of advice is listen to any tips or advice other pinups give you, take everything and absorb it all. When at pageants and events watch your fellow pinups from how they dress, how they walk, watch their posing and how they speak as well I have learnt so much just by doing this.

Another word of advice is practice practice practice! Just sitting on the lounge? Play around with your hair, play around with your makeup, practice posing just doing these things can make a huge difference!

Last but not least be yourself! Let your personality shine and you will change the world! Favourite business shoutout?

There are so many amazing businesses some of my favourites are Miz Smitten Kitten for all your jewelry and hair accessory needs, Tattooed Zombie to make your wardrobe fabulous and Erstwilder for uniquely gorgeous broaches!

Image credits:

Image 1 - Jarrad Brown

Image 2 - Tony Jong Photography

Image 3 - 1979 Photography

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