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Pinup of the Month, April 2019 - Cha Cha Cheekys

Meet Cha Cha Cheekys, a cheeky southern belle from Tennessee USA with a passion for Pinup, pups and Makeup.

Cha Cha has won a digital illustration by the incomparable Mark Sheard and we can't wait to see what he comes up with!

How did you choose your Pinup name?

Umm...that’s a question I think I’ll choose not to answer. (Laughs) I can just say the nickname came from a life experience I’ll feel better leaving for the imagination.

Why do you love pinup?

Pinup Modelling doesn’t discriminate; it includes women of all sizes and races - each of these women are able to create an image into “their” interpretation of what Pinup is. And… Pinup modeling is more than just beauty pageantry. It’s about women having the opportunity to showcase their talents in area like Fashion, Hair & Makeup, Photography, Creating & Designing a look that makes us feel beautiful. I love pinup because of all of these beautiful women I’ve had the pleasure to meet. These women continue to inspire me & support me as both Family & Friend.

Would you like to share your favourite beauty tip?

I used to be a Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder. I have a couple tips… Drink enough water!! Take care of your skin. Have a daily beauty regiment - Wash, Cleanse, and don’t forget to Moisturize. It's so important to not miss any of those steps. You’ll see a difference in your skin as well as your makeup application.

What’s your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture?

My favorite aspect is definitely the fun of it. Being able to collaborate with the most phenomenal people who are the best at what they do in their industry is absolutely awesome. When I recently saw the name Mark Sheard in the lineup that Pinup Registry contestants would work with by winning a contest, I was so excited. Art is something I’m a connoisseur in and Mark’s artistic animation models are fantastic. I am totally eager to see my image depicted in his very unique style. This subculture is full of wonderful connections like this.

When did you know that pinup was the right thing for you?

I’ve wanted to do it ever since I was a child. I really look up to Marilyn Monroe - she is my idol. She opened to door to exploring yourself and image. She started out in Pinup Modeling before gracing our screens in Movies. Her artistic depictions of her own image are still relics of this great culture today.

What advice would you like to give to new pinups?

It’s all about having the RIGHT team of people around you that believe in you. These people are crucial to having talents at their disposal that are helpful to everything you’re trying to do to get better. Whether it’s better fashion sense, better marketability, or finding the right gigs, the team you’re on has to be in a good personal position to help you get there. These people will lift you up and encourage you. Reach for the stars… the only limit is you.

If you could be a Disney villain or princess, who would you be?

I’m a combination of many Disney princesses (laughs). But I guess if I could be just one, it would probably be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I’m a southern belle to the heart and I love the classic Disney series franchises. I’m really a classic-heavy vintage kind of girl.

Favorite business shoutout!

So I’d love to give a very special business shoutout to Bates Ford of Lebanon, Tennessee. Tony Bates, the love of my life, is the great man who owns & runs this dealership. And ’m the luckiest girl in the world to have him by my side.

Images by Pinup Portraits Photography

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