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Pinup of the Month August - Lady LouLou Bugoo

Lady LouLou Bugoo from Melbourne, Australia is our Pinup of the Month for August! Lady She is a potty mouthed pinup who is unapologetically herself in every way and we've been keen to learn more about her since she won our Pinup Tips competition back in May with our favourite tip: "Always let your true self shine through! Don't try to conform to a stereotype of what pinup should be, be yourself and have fun." We agree 100%!

How did you choose your Pinup name?

One of my first ever nicknames was Louiebugooey, and I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my pinup name as I'd used it for every screen name I ever had online. I also wanted to incorporate LouLou as that's the name my partner uses for me, and is also my mum's signature perfume. I played around for a bit with some different combinations, but eventually settled on Lady LouLou Bugoo because I like the way it sounds when you say it out loud. Why do you love pinup?

Pinup is my form of self expression, where I get to push boundaries and look amazing while doing it. I love how the community is so accepting and supportive, and the way we all help one another when its really needed. Then, of course, there's the attention I get dressing in pinup all the time. I am kind of a narcissist so I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. Would you like to share your favourite beauty tip?

There are so many tips and tricks for getting makeup to last longer, or look smoother. My number one tip is have fun! Experiment with makeup often, even if you think it will look ridiculous. Sit down in the evening and paint your face six different colours, try clashing your colours, spend time just glueing glitter to your lips. Get creative and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

What’s your favourite aspect of the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture?

The aesthetics, for sure. I love the way that there are so many distinct aesthetic "rules" to pinup and rockabilly, and yet everyone finds their own way to take those aspects and make them their own. No two pinups are the same, but all pinups look like pinups. When did you know that pinup was the right thing for you?

I'd always been drawn away from the mainstream, and had my fair share of goth, punk and emo phases. It wasn't until I finished school and moved to Darwin that I really tried pinup properly. I was driven in part by the heat (it's not exactly practical to be in full scene-queen gear on a 36 degree day) and a desire to look more "grown up". Pinup was the perfect blend of alternative culture, sex appeal and lady like charm.

What advice would you like to give to new pinups?

Be yourself, unapologetically. Being a pinup is about having fun, and the best way to do that is to stay true to yourself. There's no right or wrong way to be a pinup, so just rock it your way. Favourite business shoutout!

I absolutely LOVE Titchy Yosie's. Samantha has such a wide range of products and fabrics, and is always happy to help create whatever I'm envisioning. The quality is next to none, and the customer service is impeccable.

Photo credits:

Images 1 and 4 - Brett Alen Photography

Images 2 and 3 - Insight Photography

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