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Geekabilly 101 - When Pop Culture and Pinup collide!

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that pop culture is becoming more and more prevalent in the mainstream media. Star Wars continues to smash box office records, Marvel dominates our big and small screens and quite simply you can’t even go to the supermarket anymore without seeing at least one piece of Batman merchandise. So what happens when you love comics, pop culture and other arenas of geekdom, but also love vintage style and mid-century inspiration? You mash them up to make #geekbilly – A geek girl, rockabilly hybrid style.

The best thing about Geekabilly is that you can reference any type of geektastic fandom that you love. From comic books, to video games, books to movies, every facet of geek life brings with it the ability to be part of your pinup style. A brief google search will bring you a vast array of pop culture brooches and accessories. A more thorough search and you will find vintage clothing brands that create amazing clothes featuring your favourite characters. Or you can also play with what you have at home for some subtle everyday cosplay*.

Geekabilly is becoming so popular that it was even included as a category in this year’s Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition, with the overall winner being chosen from the Geekabilly section. Miss Jessi Leigh put on a performance that made every 80’s kid smile from ear to ear with her vintage take on Rainbow Brite (read our interview with Miss Jessi Leigh here!). Her elaborate and fantastical performance consisted of rainbows, unicorns, glitter and a seven layer rainbow petticoat that was just every kind of awesome.

Image by Christine Brymmer Photography

So if you are a closet geek, quietly keeping your fandom to yourself, fear no more. Stand up, stand out and let your Geekabilly pride shine through! After all you should always be yourself… unless you can be Batman, then you should always be Batman.

*Cosplay translates to costume play, meaning to dress up as your favourite character.

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