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Miss Camperdown Cruise 2016, Lucky Dip!

Meet Lucky Dip, 2016 Miss Camperdown Cruise, burlesque performer and creative soul. I was fortunate enough to be part of the Miss Camperdown Cruise organising team and saw Lucky in action on stage. As her name suggests, you never know what you're going to get - in the very best way!

How did you choose your pinup name? Choosing a pinup name is such a fun part of pinup. Some people like to use their own name because it represents themselves best. I chose a name which represented what pinup meant to me - which is that there's always something different and a unique way to express yourself - so Lucky Dip is a mixed bag of mystery joy and that's how I like to be. Also a dip is a dance move from the 1950's.

Why do you enjoy the Pinup and Rockabilly subculture? The people really make the scene for me. Everyone is so creative and expressive. It's really a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of people from different than back grounds and lifestyles - through the gorgeously aesthetically pleasing 1950's era.

Care to share your favourite beauty tip? Look after yourself on the inside! If you feel great you'll look fabulous. I don't spend a lot of time on potions and creams I would rather eat well and exercise and look after my soul.

Do you have a defining Pinup moment - when you felt like it was the right path for you? When I went to Camperdown Cruise for the first time my friends dressed me up all girly and cute and I felt the fun of being an accurate 1950's pinup for the first time. Before that I was always throwing rock-n-roll and 1960'a pieces into the mix which I still enjoy, but it really let me shine as a classic pinup.

Any advice for Pinups entering or thinking about entering their first comp? Stop thinking about the scary parts and just get really excited about your concept and the incredible people you will meet. Ask everyone for advice but also be true to your heart with your own unique style. Do what you do best and you'll always do well.

Where did you get your inspiration for your routines? My mind works up some very different and strange things. Usually if it makes me laugh or wonder if I can get away with it - I'll put it on stage. I love to think outside the normal and that's what I like to present.

What was your favourite outfit you wore in the comp? My magic swimwear piece for Camperdown cruise - I made my beautiful Betty page playing cards hat myself on a crafternoon with my favourite pinups. The rest of my pieces were sourced from the opp shop. I'm really proud of how that outfit turned out and how I put it together on a limited budget. Also how fun is it being a magician! Everyone needs a little magic.

Do you get stage fright and do you have any tips for overcoming it? You'll have to ask childhood me this question! I think I try to think about my character and concept and when I get lost in that - I forget about the stage. Also be prepared and planned and breathe. Hug your nearest pinup friend and get through it together!

How does it feel to be crowned Miss Camperdown Cruise? Incredible. I really wanted to just have a great time and I did. The crown was really an amazing cherry on top.

What did you enjoy most about the Miss Camperdown Cruise pinup comp? Meeting my amazing friends and sharing the experience with them. Lifelong friendships that will grow and develop with time. I look forward to being glamorously overdressed old birds with my ladies.

What’s up next for Lucky Dip? World domination. No really I just want to help other women to own their own style as a mentor and guide. I was fortunate enough to have friends do this to me and I'll pass on the karma. I'm also focussing on being an MC for several shows this year. Exciting times!

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