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Scarlet Soda’s Top 5 Highlights from GreazeFest Melbourne

This August, the renowned GreazeFest kustom kulture festival made it's way down to Melbourne for it's third year. Here are my top 5 highlights from the weekend:

The Vendors These events are a great opportunity to meet the faces behind the locally produced products. It was so nice to see Hannah from Lulu & Lipstick, Miss-Von from Miz Smitten Kitten and Jessi from Miss Kiss Vintage and Jessi Leigh's Hair & Make Up Artistry, to name a few. It’s amazing seeing their talent and the huge ranges they have created.

Meeting Sabina Kelley Eeeee! Totally had a fan girl moment when I met Sabina Kelley! She looked absolutely gorgeous in the purple Dita cardigan. She really is a true, modern day pinup. After meeting her I could see why - she was so lovely and genuinely happy to meet all of her fans.

The Cars & Their Owners

You can’t go to a kustom culture event and not check out the classic cars! While walking around, admiring all the cars on display, the owners were more than happy to have a chat and if you ask nicely, they will let you take some photos with their pride and joy.

Seeing Friends & Family So many people travel far and wide to these events for the mutual love of all things rockabilly and retro. In Melbourne there’s a nice community of pinup girls so it’s a great opportunity to meet up with friends. After a winter lull, GreazeFest was particularly welcomed because we had all been itching for a gathering! I always love a day of hangs with my pinup bestie, Miss Bambi L’amour, and it was great to have family come along to get a first-hand experience of what this rockabilly-life is all about.

Pinups on Parade The flamboyantly fabulous Lucky Dip was the MC for the ‘Pinups on Parade’ and she really knows how to work up the crowd - which was great because I was the first up!! All of the girls looked fabulous, and you can really see how much time they all put into coordinating their outfits (Miss Shell Ma Belle I still want your shoes!!). I felt so flattered to be selected alongside Sassy Voodoo Doll as the top two for the ‘Pinups on Parade’. We both received a gift bag of GreazeFest goodies including an AMAZING print from GreazeFest’s resident artist Mimsy (who was tattooing out of the cutest pastel pink trailer!!).

Special thanks to Regularsteven for the photos xx

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