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The pinup registry's guide to running
a successful pinup pageant

General info to provide to prospective entrants

Venue accessibility - set and variable

Expectations of organisers - level of production and standard of dress

If there's categories, are handmade from vintage pattern acceptable in vintage category

Type of competition - fun/serious, local or national standard

Code of behaviour and any ongoing expectations of the winner - bullying, social media representation, represent at events, move on to another pageant as a titleholder

What is required - props, music, how many poses etc

What props are not available - microphone etc

Location - outdoors or indoors

Gender specification - inclusive/diverse or not

Mentorship and backstage support

Stage Mother/Parent/Mentor

Separate/adjacent to pageant organising team - liaison between pageant organisers and entrants

Provide coaching and support

Organise props

Check access requirements

Check music prompts

Answer any questions and collect feedback

Emergency kit - paracetamol, bandaids, tissues, safety pins, aspirin, hair ties and bobby pins, Hollywood tape, mini sewing kit, mini hairspray 

Information to provide to entrants

Introduce team members and roles

Stage dimensions and setup

Venue Accessibility - set and adaptable 

Amount of time required to spend on stage

Number of poses

Backstage accommodations - dressing room, bathrooms, mirrors, storage and lighting etc

Whether food and drink will be provided

Expectations of organisers - level of production

Judges qualifications, backgrounds/specialties and what they will be looking for/at

Judging criteria

Set deadlines

Code of behaviour including cultural appropriation and bullying etc

Entry forms/information to request from entrants

Access requirements and notes to be aware of/considerations; Neurodiverse facial expression, Vision impairment, requiring chairs on and off stage

Name pronunciation 

Music - if required


MC points 

Check name pronunciation and pronouns

Stage Manager

Manage running order

Props and set

Tech check - music and microphones etc

Stagehand - pick up items and set up for next competitor

Ensure trip hazards etc are cleared away

Ensure accessibility requirements are met


Preferably people from industry

Set judging criteria

Know expectations of organisers for judging

If there's a speciality let competitors know what you're looking for

Unbiased - generally not men...

Give feedback

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