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Pinups over 40

My very first Queen title I won was back in 2018, 6 months after giving birth to my son so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Not to mention we travelled 18 hrs to get there and one of my oldest, dearest friends was there watching so it just validated the journey that I was on. Until of course I saw what one girl was saying about me which totally turned my stomach. I understand envious as I have been in her shoes before but to be downright hateful it was incredible how classless some people are. She called me old and also fat and who knows what else behind closed doors. I thought to myself are these things supposed to matter? Is that how we wanted to define each other? Instead of celebrating each other in our victories did we want to become these women who refused not to participate ever again? 

There is so much negative talk in the community about who other's want us to be. I am proud to be in my 40's and to have a beautiful 3 year old boy. If I listened to what the mainstream wanted me to believe about myself I would never get out of my PJ's.

- Sweet Ruby Bluez -


Just be you, don’t think that you aren’t doing it right. 

Just enjoy yourself, there are no set rules.

 Pinups support pinups. 

- Miss Anita Simpson -

Link to Pinup of the Month interview


I stumbled into pinup by throwing myself out there and joining a pinup contest. To be a part of this contest I had to be a registered pinup so, I put caution to the wind and just said, why not?! This event didn’t happen unfortunately but registering as a pinup sparked something in me. I began to research all things pinup ultimately discovering why I really wanted to become a pinup in the process. What I realized was that in becoming Holly I was owning my femininity. 


To understand exactly what this means to me you have to understand how I viewed myself. I workout by training with heavy weights and did not view my body as something feminine. I believed femininity was represented by youth, a small frame, nice curves, and slender legs and arms. All of which I do not possess. I am short, thick, and did I mention that I’m 40?!

I think representation is incredibly important in pinup and all life. I think it’s becoming more widely inclusive to all groups of women however, I would love to see pinup branch out to our transgender sisters.


- Holly Stockton - 

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