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illustration of a group of pinups showing different sizes, shapes, ages, colours and disability

Pinups come from all walks of life and can be found in pretty much any group you can think of, but that diversity hasn't always been visible in popular media and on socials. Visibility is important for diverse groups because not everyone falls into the classic Pinup stereotype (petite, able-bodied, cisgendered, heterosexual, young, single, white etc) that the culture has been saturated with over the decades, and that can be very discouraging to anyone who wants to be part of the Pinup culture and community but doesn't necessarily fit that image. 

Pinup as a social culture is for anybody and everybody. It's about appreciation of mid-century vintage fashion and style, music and community, inclusion, feminism, and progress. And it should always be fun! There is no one way to do it, no right or wrong way, and there is no officially designated Pinup police. One of the best things about being a vintage enthusiast is being able to take the best things from a time you adore, and leaving the negative stuff in the past where it belongs. The Pinups who popularised this culture in the 40s-50s were themselves trailblazers of their time. They were breaking glass ceilings and making change, even though it was tough going.

So we reached out to a bunch of fabulous Pinups who are out there doing their thing, repping their groups, and generally being fabulous to hear what they have to say about modern Pinup and the incredible diversity in our community. 

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