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illustration of a group of pinups showing different sizes, shapes, ages, colours and disability

Across the globe thousands of people attend vintage events and join communities each year because they are nostalgic for an era when good etiquette wasn’t just something your grandmother did, a song touched your heart, a movie stayed with you for a lifetime, and fashion was a dedication not just a 5 minute fad. Some in those communities wax lyrical about the old fashioned values we have forgotten and lament the loss of simpler times, but for those of us who do not fall into the traditional and dated Pinup stereotype that our culture is often saturated with - the western mid-century is a wonderful place to visit, but we wouldn't want to live there. 


There are a lot of us around, but many companies still favour that dated pinup stereotype in their advertising. Sure it's improving, but many groups still feel underrepresented, judged, ignored, or just plain invisible in the Pinup and vintage enthusiast communities. This lack of representation simply highlights the importance of using what platforms are available to us to share our stories and experiences, share our voices, make ourselves visible and show our fellow diverse Pinups that they are not alone. 

“Vintage style, NOT vintage values” is a popular phrase coined by performer and style activist Dandy Wellington, and it has become the mantra for modern Pinup – a social culture for anybody and everybody. Where all are welcome regardless of gender identity, age, colour, vocation, sexual orientation, body size and shape, disability, neurodivergence, and so on. It's about appreciation of mid-century vintage fashion and style, music and community, inclusion, feminism, and progress. And it should always be fun!


There is no one way to do Pinup. One of the best things about being a vintage enthusiast is being able to take the best things from a time you adore, and leaving the negative stuff in the past where it belongs. The Pinups who popularised this culture in the 40s-50s were themselves trailblazers of their time. They were breaking glass ceilings and making change, even though it was tough going.

So we reached out to a bunch of fabulous Pinups who are out there doing their thing, repping their groups, and generally being fabulous to hear what they have to say about modern Pinup and the incredible diversity in our community. 

We know that not all communities are as open and welcoming as others are, but they should be. If you come across one that excludes you for being different, then know that it's not on you. It's all them, and what a sad and limited life they must have. 


And you? Why not start your own inclusive community and welcome all the beautiful diversity that the other group excluded. Then drop by here at The Pinup Registry and tell us all about it!

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