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Ask A Pinup! Eva, Sharing My World Of Pinup

Hi Y'all. This is Eva Las Vegas sharing my first ever blog post for 'Ask A Pinup'. Here I'll be answering all your pinup questions, and discussing thoughts, happenings and our experiences in the Pinup scene. I thought before we get to all that you should know about me. You've probably all read how I chose my name 'Miss Eva Lasvegas' on The Pinup Registries about us page, so now I'll let you know my background and how it all began!

I think that a lot of people who dress in pinup/rockabilly relate when we say that we didn’t fit in 'normal' social circles. Especially as kids and teenagers. A lot came from Goth, Punk, Alt backgrounds. There's a certain love for expressing yourself visually and creatively as an individual. I was like this for as long as I can remember. I adored dressing up and standing out as much as I can. I even went to kindy in my prettiest ballroom dancing dresses with my hair curled from sleeping in a wet set with foam rollers the night before. Growing up in small towns in Australia pre-internet, I was told that I had to dress the same as others, and fit into their cookie cutter mentality on how to live as well. It still never stopped me from experimenting with styles at the risk of not having any friends. I went through almost all the phases. Hippy, Grunge, Homie-G (Adidas button up pants and all), 90's Clueless, Naughties mainstream. My favourite was when I shaved my head and was Goth for a couple years. I still never felt any of this 'fit' me though.

Art has always been my main interest / natural talent. My family noticed this after I drew a three dimensional pair of glasses at the age of four. I never stopped drawing. There was always a pencil or brush in my hand. I started oil painting classes at ten. This is still my medium of choice to use in paintings as well as watercolour portraits which I do on commission occasionally for clients or friends. I don’t know about other creative types, but I feel when you're good at one type of art the others seem to come very naturally too. I enjoy playing with makeup, style, sewing, design, crafts, cooking, pinup hair, and sculpture. My fellow TPR doll Sugar St Claire is an amazing milliner, and Scarlet Soda is a Fine Artist. Both of them have many other creative talents too.

So to cut a long story down a little I wound up studying a Scholarship in Fashion and Design at High School. Which lead to my TAFE certificate in Apparel. I learned to design and make my own clothing which is a great skill to have. But sewing takes a LOT of patience. And I longed to paint again. So hear I am. In my final year of my Diploma of visual arts which has taken me 5 years in all to complete. The good thing is I sometimes really surprise myself with what I can do now. And it makes me smile.

You're probably now all wondering how I got into pinup. I honestly only discovered this whole new world and changed my appearance three and a half years ago. I had escaped my conservative lifestyle and moved to Melbourne. On Holiday in Queensland I stumbled upon the store 'Kitten D'amour'. Trying on all these beautiful outfits I couldn’t believe how well they fit my curves. And how pretty they made me feel. I was hooked! Bit by bit I changed my wardrobe, and practiced my hairstyles, until it was entirely 1950's influenced.

Next was the pageants. I never liked myself. In our society I don’t think we're ever taught how to otherwise the magazines, weight programs and beauty products would never sell (I'll spare you all my anti-establishment rant). I entered my first comp' to meet people who liked all these things I did. It all seemed so far away. I had to break into that world! So straight in the deep end with Miss Pinup Australia it was! I had no idea what I was in for. I didn't win but I learned a hell of a lot about myself and being a Pinup Doll. Not to mention the countless genuinely beautiful friends I've made. Today I now have in my collection: One Miss Congeniality - this one was extra special because it was voted by the other entrants, One Runner Up, and Two First Places including Miss Ballarat Beat. I cried when I won Ballarat Beat. I never dreamed that I could win something like this. Never used to think I was good enough. The best thing is I know or am acquainted with most of the pinups in Australia and never miss an event. It's all so much fun!

All the interests I've ever had. Including may favourite movies, music, clothes pieces, hobbies... just seemed to fall into place. I can't believe how much I've learned and achieved. I am now a professional photographic and runway model, pinup mentor, visual artist, studio assistant for pinup clothing brand Bonsai Kitten, performer and volunteer for Beyond Blue a mental health initiative. With this blog I am excited to share with you my knowledge and pass on my passion for pinup.

If you have anything you'd like advice on, like to learn, or anything you would like to share with me here at TPR's Ask Eva - you can PM The Pinup Registry's Facebook page or email me at

Xx Miss E xX

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