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Pinup Parents


When I travel away I always have my family with me, we make it a fun family trip away. Mum and Dad and my two children, husband unfortunately has to stay at home for his work commitments. My two children daughter (payten) aged three years and son (zavier) aged seven years love to dress up like their mummy does, so I really enjoy getting matching outfits for us all. My dad and mum all enjoy dressing up especially my dad, he is the creator of Dolls and Dudes who creates all our perfectly fitted outfits we wear. My family them also enjoy going on and entering the pin-up events with me, and they have also been quite successful in receiving there very own titles. This of course can be alot more work having everyone looking the part before every competition but it can be so rewarding seen the end result, and of course this is one of the fun parts when attending any event. 

- Cherry Diamond -

I love Pinup because there are no perfect age, size, scale, or color. It is such a positive world to become a part of filled with support and love and shared interests. My first competition I was blown away at how supportive all of the other contestants were, they build each other up constantly. Also I have found that sometimes, Pinup is where the broken go to reclaim themselves! Which is wonderful 

Poppy Noir – blog interview


When I had my second child 4.5 years ago, I suffered Post Natal Distress really bad.  It got to the point where I was struggling to leave the house, and being out in public would near give me an anxiety attack and make me feel physically sick.  It was terrible and debilitating.  I basically didn't care how I looked anymore and it was pretty depressing.  I have always taken an interest in vintage styles and in particular the 1940s and wartime era since I was a teenager, but only ever really dabbled in the fashion.  I had no idea there was actually communities of people who loved pinup and vintage just like me.  So when I found a couple of pinup groups on Facebook after my baby was born, I felt really inspired by these gorgeous and confident women, that were living and dressing up pinup and vintage inspired on a day to day basis.  There was something very powerful about having the confidence to dress and look exactly how YOU wanted and desired to.  I invested in some rollers and setting spray, bought a couple of new vintage inspired items of clothing, and never looked back.  Even though it took a really long time to recover from PND, pinup absolutely helped me with that. I get to dress up and have fun with it.  I can be myself.  It was liberating!

- Ruby Retro (interview on blog)

There is so much negative talk in the community about who other's want us to be. I am proud to be in my 40's and to have a beautiful 3 year old boy. If I listened to what the mainstream wanted me to believe about myself I would never get out of my PJ's.

I was lucky enough to have a few key pivotal moments that helped reinforce the path that I was on and kept me believing in myself. After winning my first Queen title I ended up winning runner up twice and then the incredible happened. I won Face of Daisy 2020 Canada/USA!! If I would have listened to that voice in my head telling me I was too old I would have missed out on this incredible opportunity. Instead the mom in me said you have to show your son that it pays off to believe in yourself and he has been my fire ever since.

What kind of world would we live in if we were scared to take chances? Where does it say that we have to believe anything that is said about us unless it comes out of our own mouth? I think that was another key aspect that fueled my passion. I had a desire to constantly improve and with Pin-Up and contests it gave me at least a place to gauge my progress and improvement.

- Sweet Ruby Bluez

Brett Allen Photography.jpg

Before pregnancy, I felt I was just emerging into the pinup scene, I had a couple titles under my belt and was beginning to cement myself within the scene.  After I had my daughter, I felt I was starting again within the scene, not only had I lost connection to my friends but I also felt so disconnected from myself.  My priorities were different, my body was different and the pinup that had won those titles was nowhere to be seen!  I had always been a confident pinup, not only with what I brought onto the stage but also with my size and how I looked.  I found that my body looked different!

 I think the pinup culture is very accommodating and welcoming for all body types and that makes a huge difference to how you feel up onstage or out at an event.

It’s funny I look back now, and see a mum struggling with her loss of identity, trying to remain as relevant as she was before becoming a mother.  Yes, I like to take Tigerlily out to pin up events, but I also like them for myself. After all, it's MY hobby. Having a kid in tow is serious work and planning, even if it’s just going to the shops, let alone a festival or car show, where you're not sure if there are appropriate facilities onsite that you might need.

- Adelle La Belle - 

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