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Pinups for Paws Southern Maryland are a small but dedicated group who produce and annual fundraising calendar to raise much needed funds for local animal rescues (big, small, domestic and wild!).

Pinups for Paws are a small, casual nonprofit pinup group from Southern Maryland USA. And we would like to share our group with you! So far, there are only 3 members that regularly do outreach at events and sales, but we recruit ladies from all around the Southern Maryland area to participate in our yearly calendar. We take photos of local ladies in vintage dress along with rescue animals, then sell the calendars so that all of the profit goes to local animal rescues: big, small, domestic, and wild! So far, we have been together for 3 years. We do not actually do any rescuing or fostering, but we raise money and buy pet care supplies for local rescues. We've bought food for rescues, offered pet food and supplies for federal employees that were furloughed, built a feral cat house for a community, and we have a yearly car show, animal rescue, and community event to signal the kick off of our calendar release! We sell our merch and calendars at car shows, animal rescue events, pinup events, and other community get-togethers around Maryland.

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