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Jaslyn Rose
Betty Von Dee
Miss Rouge
Mrs Dodge
Holly Wouldn't
Miss Davina Foxx
Miss Nadia Faye
Victory Violet
Serenity Siren
Brianna Blackheart
Kalamity Kat
Sugar St Claire
Frantasy Island
Miss Scarlet Soda
Catalina Colie
Lady A Broad
Lucky Dip
Dale-Velvet Rose
Velvet De Collete
A bevy of beauties
Charlotte Cake
Ivy Fox
Lady Lipstick


The Pinup Registry is a resource by pinups, for pinups. It is the original global name database where you can find out who's who and what groups are out there. It is a platform for pinups to connect, preserve names and find inspiration for new names.

The pinup community around the world is expanding every year. As that happens, each new pinup comes up with a pinup name that reflects their pinup personality.  


Coming up with an original and appropriate name can take a long time and a lot of effort so it is important to ensure that each name remains as unique as the pinup who created it. Need help choosing a name? Click here to see our guide.


Before now, it's been hard to establish what names are already in use as the pinup community is spread all over. Sometimes, a google or facebook search isn't always accurate because of differences in spelling and page access - that is why we created The Pinup Registry and feel it is so very important. 

Come join us, register your name, and join this fabulous community of pinups.

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Row of stars


We're more than just a name registry - we're also a global platform connecting the community, a place where pinups can share advice, support each other and celebrate all things pinup!

Have a cuppa and a chat with your global community on our facebook forum, click to visit The Pinup Registry Lounge

Check out our blog, The Pinup Hub 


See our handy Resources

Find out what Pinup groups and organisations are around and make new friends, visit Your Locals listing page

And you don't need to have a Pinup name to sign up to our Newsletter!

This is a community for YOU and we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Contact us if you have any suggestions, questions, opinions or contributions - including content to share on our blog! xx

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row of stars


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Follow us on Facebook and enter our monthly Pinup Of The Month competition. Want to enter? You'll find all the details here.

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The Pinup Registry loves to feature registered pinups on instagram! Tag @ThePinupRegistry along with our hashtag #ThePinupRegistry for a chance to be featured.

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Contact us!

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